Sep. 9th, 2010

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I won't maintain hit-a-hint clone for google chrome any longer: it was created out of necessity that fade away with the advent of Vimium, which I use now. Unlike Vimperator, Vimium is unintrusive; e.g. it doesn't promote "user education" by turning off the menu and the toolbar, nor does it alter browsing experience when you don't use its features. Switching to Vimium is what I recommend to users of my hit-a-hint-like extension. (Incidentally, I'm happy with Firefox+Vimperator as well, but they would require some time to learn; users of Vim will probably feel accustomed to them from the very start).

From the experience of creating/maintaining/using/burying a Chrome extension, I'm glad to see that while Chrome is still far behind the truly extensible software, like emacsen, it's far ahead of Mozilla family in this department. As of user experience, requiring browser restart for extension update is ridiculous enough, and for developers, there're just too many hoops to jump through even before you start (I haven't developed anything for Firefox, but considered doing it a couple of times; amount of senseless work just to get some code running has consistently turned me away: I thought, ``if that's not supposed to be a problem for extension developer, then what would a real problem look like?'').

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